About Us

Like most good ideas, it began with beer….

Our founder Mike was at a Bruce Springsteen concert knocking back tall boys with his friends when that familiar urge hit and his body started doing a different kind of dance. He wanted to stay, but his bladder screamed “Go!” The line for the restroom was painfully long, and by the time he would have gotten back he would have missed his favorite song.

The same thing happened when tailgating, where the porta potties were far away and the lines were huge.  That meant leaving friends, family, and a good time. Mike and buddy Walt got to thinking:

“If they can send monkeys into space, why can’t we make a portable rest-stop that doesn’t stop our fun?”

In a whiz, the ideas that would become PortaPoncho started flowing. As they began to develop prototypes – personally testing them whenever and wherever the feeling took hold and they couldn’t hold it – they realized there were so many places a portable, personal restroom could bring desperately needed relief: at the beach, on a boat, on the 7th hole of a golf course, on the streets of Manhattan, in the car with 20 miles to the closest rest stop, tailgating at concerts, NASCAR and other sporting event…really, anywhere someone might be stuck without a restroom on the go.

So now we knew where we could use the innovation.  We wanted to consider what the other benefits were.  We had friends who’d gotten tickets for public urination. State by state, these fines can be huge. Public urination also hurts the environment at the location you christen and leaves behind a horrible smell or stain that can linger until the next rainfall. This kind of pollution pisses people off, including:

  • Store owners whose wall you use
  • Car owners in the parking lot you decide to relieve yourself on
  • Members of the golf course and the neighbors with those million dollar homes
  • Anyone else wanting to us the same public areas 

And so, the PortaPoncho was created to public cries of relief. 

The PortaPoncho lets you discretely take care of business wherever, whenever, and dispose of it in a safe and sanitary way. And, if it starts to rain, just slip it on and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  So whether your bladded is about to open up or the skies are, or both, no matter what, we’ve got you covered.  To contact PortaPoncho, LLC. with any questions or comments, email us at info@portaponcho.com


This video was the last straw. Mike was waiting in line – this time at the Rutgers Pinstripe bowl game at Yankee Stadium – and couldn’t take it anymore. Walt filmed the torturous wait, and pushed him to make the Portaponcho idea a reality, to take the pain out of going to the game.